Is it only for students ?

No. This is a Youth Exchange Program.

What about the funding of this program ?

Basically, the government of Republic of Indonesia and the respective partner will support all the funding, including the airfare ticket, accommodation fee, program expenses, and visa. Passport, souvenirs, and personal expenses are to be funded by the individuals.

What about the duration of each program ?

Each program has different schedules. Please read further from the website.

How do I calculate my age related to the program's quota ?

We use a reference date to calculate your age, at the time of the reference date your age must be in between the minimum and the maximum age requirement.

I have applied the youth exchange program selection in the previous years, can I apply again ?

Yes. Unless, you were already elected as a participant from the similar program held by the Ministry of Youth and Sports of The Republic of Indonesia.

I live in Yogyakarta but I am not listed as a Yogyakarta's citizen. Can I apply in Yogyakarta ?

We believe that Yogyakarta has attracted many people to study and work in the city. Thus, we accept anyone who wants to join this program although you are not listed as Yogyakarta's citizen. As a special requirement, it is necessary to have KIPEM (Kartu Identitas Penduduk Musiman) or SKTS (Surat Keterangan Tinggal Sementara).

My KIPEM/SKTS is still on process until the deadline of the online registration, can I still apply ?

Yes. You can submit the scanned receipt (Desa/Kelurahan, Kecamatan) if the real KIPEM/SKTS is still on process.

I cannot recieve the confirmation/notification email. What should I do ?

Please check your SPAM/Bulk folder as well.

If I have already submitted my application, can I edit the data ?

No. If there is some error during submission process, try to refresh your page several times. if it still does not work, you may contact

If I failed to submit the application form, what should I do then ?

Please try again by following the link sent in your email. If you still can not submit, contact