PCMI Jogja /

The Alumni Association of International Youth Exchange Program


PCMI as known as Purna Caraka Muda Indonesia is an independent stated organization established by the alumni of Indonesian youth exchange program participants on 17th of December 1977. PCMI is coordinated by a national committee which is based in the capital of Indonesia. Alongside, PCMI's chapters are also extended over provinces of Indonesia.


One among the goals of PCMI is to oversee and to improve its youths to participate in the national development. By constant recruitment every year throughout the whole nation, PCMI is looking forward to expanding the contribution to the local community.

Currently, there are 34 batches of PCMI which represent each province in Indonesia. This is due to the new blooming provinces in the past few years which has inflicted to the human resource problem in order to stay poised with the existence of PCMI's batch in each province.

Our Mission

PCMI's youths are outfitted with the experience during their programs in international youth exchange. After their return to their motherland, they are requested to implement their amendment to develop the local community as well to serve the nation.

PCMI's membership is not exclusive to those who have participated in international youth exchange programs. PCMI also honors an extraordinary membership to those who have participated in PCMI's activities, such as local community development.

International Youth Exchange Programs /

Better known as PPAN (Pertukaran Pemuda Antar Negara)


A program containing internships and community development bundled in a People-to-People theme

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Grabbing a better undertanding of the world's giant economic figure through direct contact on its innovative and engaging environment

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An opportunity to learn from world's fastest growing community

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Catch the wave of change right at its epicentrum

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A dynamic program whose theme has always been the hottest topic in the region

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Board the floating vessel as the home of this lively program

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Partnership /

Our worldwide network

LokaalMondiaal - Netherlands

Lokaalmondiaal is a Dutch non-profit media organization, focusing on international development, foreign reporting and global citizenship. Lokaalmondiaal makes documentaries and television programmes, publishes two magazines, and organises journalism debates and educational programmes to strengthen commitment to international collaboration. PCMI Jogja and LokaalMondiaal colaborate in the Beyond (Y)our World project which is a pan-European project that seeks to inspire and enable the next generation of European journalists to cover international development issues. Beyond (Y)our World also gives students the opportunity to travel to a range of developing countries and produce engaging media stories on the major global issues. Beyond (Y)our world's main activity is primarily making news on specific issues that have been prepared by each participant. Public lecture at Universitas Gadjah Mada and media visit to Tribun Jogja were some activites to add more information about jurnalism in Indonesia. PCMI Jogja's main role is to find a counterpart for each participant to give them assistance during production work. PCMI Jogja's involvement has covered the participants from Windeshiem University, The Netherland and Sofia University, Bulgaria.

Anak Wayang Indonesia

Anak Wayang Indonesia (AWI) is a non-profit organization that works to strengthen civil society workers and oriented in realizing children's rights. Vision of AWI is "Creating Child-Friendly Communities." In pursuing the vision, AWI works by developing the potential of children through the arts, local policy advocacy, conducting campaigns Child Friendly Communities, and conducting research about children's rights. AWI was established on 10 November 1998 in Yogyakarta, by some young people who care for children in urban village. PCMI Jogja and Anak Wayang Indonesia cooperate in education by providing English language training to members of the AWI. This course activities began in 2011. Not only theory in the classroom, teaching activities deliver in theatrical manner and provide the opportunity for participants to interact directly with foreigners.

LokaArt Studio

Loka Art Studio is a non-profit organization established in May 2013 by several young artists from various universities in Yogyakarta, focusing on the development of art, culture, and environment. Loka Art Studio has a unique vision that is to create a humanist artists, creative, and characterized in order to maintain the beauty, the arts of Indonesia and the surrounding nature. This vision is realized with the environmentally friendly gardening activities in addition to arts and cultural activities. Loka Art Studio routine activities which has been running until now are dancing, drawing, and making batik. This studio is located in Kadipuro, Ngaglik, Sleman. Chairman of this organization is Scholastika W. Pribadi who participated in the Youth Exchange program to India.

In 2014 PCMI Jogja's collaboration with Loka Art Studio obtained a grant for "Center of Youth Empowerment" from Department of Youth and Sport of DIY in the procurement of infrastructure for the art studio. With this partnership, members of PCMI can do Post Program Activity in Loka Art Studio as a contribution to society.

Meet Our Team

Happy Hartana - Chairman

Happy was elected as the chairman of PCMI Jogja since 2010. He is responsible for managing PCMI's organizational structure and its overall programs. Happy is a young businessman focusing his work on IT development while running internationally-recognized homestay accommodation in Yogyakarta.

Wiwit Prasetyono - General Secretary

As the general secretary, Wiwit oversees the program's operations including human resource/ recruitment, community development, business development as well as marketing and communication. Wiwit is a Master graduate from the Australian National University majoring in Globalisation studies. He previously worked at the Office of International Affairs and served as Manager of International Affairs Development in one of the biggest and oldest public universities in Indonesia namely Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM).

Karina Dwi Nugrahati Putri - General Treasurer

Karin is in charge of two significant fields in PCMI Jogja. First, she is responsible for organization's financial management. Secondly, she is also responsible as PCMI Jogja's legal adviser. Karin is currently serving as lecturer at the Law Faculty of UGM and finished up her Master degree at the University of Queensland, Australia.

Asri Meikawati - Director of Business Development

Besides organizing pre and post program activities, PCMI Jogja aims to expand its work in providing service for international events in Yogyakarta. Meika is a jack of all trades to lead this section as she was elected as Miss Jogja 2005. She continued to work in tourism industry and awarded as national young entrepreneur in about 10 years after her reign.

Danis Sriwijaya - Director of Community Development

As every of those representing Jogja is required to do a post-program activity, Danis promotes community development programs to every batch of alumnae. He has been involving in several number of projects funded by international donors. Danis is a Fulbright scholar who completed the program in Seattle, USA in 2014.

Rizky Lia Pratiwi - Director of Human Resource Development

Every year PCMI Jogja is responsible to select representatives from Yogyakarta to join in PPAN. Kiky leads the recruiting team that will organize every selection process. At the moment, Kiky is working as Human Resource Officer in a French mining company based in Balikpapan, Indonesia.

Arief Rizky Bakhtiar - Director of Marketing And Communication

In order to keep the public aware of PCMI Jogja's activities, Abe leads the team of social media campaign. Therefore, prior to his work in ASEAN Secretariat in Jakarta, he is undoubtedly capable of managing this section away from PCMI Jogja's headquarter.