• The Australia-Indonesia Youth Exchange Program (AIYEP) was established in 1981. It runs under an agreement between the Australian and Indonesian Governments. This program comprising nine men and nine women aged 21-25 years from both countries is funded and managed by the Australia-Indonesia Institute in the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and DFAT's Australian Aid Program in Australia while in Indonesia it is managed by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sport (Kemenpora). It aims to provide wider opportunities for Indonesian and Australian young people to appreciate the culture, development and way of life of each other’s country.

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    The Phases

    The program has two main phases in each country: a capital city location, followed by a rural/regional stay. A counterpart system is established between the two groups for the Indonesian stage, in which each Australian is matched with a member of the Indonesian group. The program rotates between the States/Territories of Australia and the different Provinces of Indonesia each year.

    The participants have the potential to be future leaders, and AIYEP is lauded for making a significant and lasting contribution to the relations between Australia and Indonesia.

  • A Government to Community Program

    Despite the program is initiated by the government, AIYEP gives invaluable lifetime experience to the participants to strengthen bilateral relationship through the communities within both countries.

    This program brings the participants closer to deal with the local culture and way of life. The Indonesians will stay with the locals in Australia for one month in the city followed with one month stay in the rural region. During their stay, each participant will get opportunities to do work experience placements based on their interest. As a group, all the participants will perform cultural show to various institutions, mostly to where they have concern about Indonesia.

    Additionally, the group will organize to visit local schools to carry out discussion with the pupils about particular topics regarding to Indonesia. Since the origin of the program is a Government to Government (G to G) cooperation, the group will be introduced to the stakeholders by visiting government institutions such as the major and governor and will present courtesy call.

  • Once the Australia phase is over, the Australian group will join with the Indonesians to do group orientation in order to prepare their stay in Indonesia. Then, all the groups will go to Indonesia to continue with similarly structured two-month program in Indonesia. Nevertheless, the participants will not be arranged for work placements but they will be gathered to do community development for the locals in the rural/village stage. Both Australians and Indonesians are expected to empower and do social service for the locals need within one month. In 2012, The AIYEP was held in Kulon Progo for the village phase. They successfully encouraged the locals to boost their potentials. The tangible activity, the participants organized "Sermo Festival" where the locals were able to promote their potentials such as traditional dish and "Sermo" as the new tourism object to the visitors.

    All the AIYEP activities in existence are expected to expose the participants' awareness for the local values in both countries. Thus, it will generate betterment of understanding in the relationship between Indonesia and Australia in the future.

  • AIYEP 2014/2015

    Vinda Hanifah & Fransiska Vena Agustiningrum

    Australia-Indonesia Youth Exchange Program (AIYEP) is the first exchange experience that I ever had. This program was an amazing experience that I could never have imagined. Firstly, I know about this program from my senior in research organization in UGM, she had suggested me to try this program. I decided to apply this youth exchange program. I needed more time to prepare the selection process even for the administrative selection. Or maybe it was just because I was too nervous.

    In the end, I never thought that I was chosen as the main delegate of AIYEP, representing Yogyakarta province. I was assigned with another 18 delegates from various Indonesian’s Provinces. I realized that I came to this program from nothing and now I have gained a lot of experiences and thoughts.

    I learnt more about people, Indonesian-Australian cultures, profesionalism, group dynamics, friendship and many things about life. These make me feel alive but in the end it is going to be so sad because nothing will be everlasting, just like this program. Nonetheless, the AIYEP program is a memorable and priceless program that I ever had.

    In other hand, Vena, the second delegate from Yogyakarta said that being part of Australia-Indonesia Youth exchange Program delegation surely became a reflection for her. Many experiences pushed her beyond her limits. AIYEP is like a book with hundred pages of stories and pictures that you will never get tired to read and read again. AIYEP brought me to four families who have fulfilled me with love, showed me and taught me about the way of life and brought me to some places I have never been before.

  • AIYEP 2014